Post Guard Pro


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Product Description

This add-on allows you to block invalid content submissions using "Post Guards". If a user attempts to submit a prohibited form of content, it will fail and they will receive an error message that you specify for that post guard.

It is highly customizable. Included features:

  • Wide selection of commonly used Post Guards.
    • Minimum length
    • Uncapitalized first letter
    • Only quote
    • Words
    • Strings
    • Characters
    • Line breaks
    • Punctuation
    • External URL
    • Regex
  • Write custom guards with regular expressions
  • Select where guards apply to
    • Posts
    • Thread titles
  • Set the phrase name and text to show as the error message (internationizable)
  • Select the forums guards operate in
  • Select user groups to exclude from guards
  • Includes support for certain 3rd-party add-ons as new "Apply To" types (where present)
    • Siropu Chat

Product Information

Product TypeSoftware
Updates duration 12 months
Renewal price $10