TAC - Total Anti-Spam Collection Complete


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Product Description

Total Anti-Spam Solution

This is the complete collection of Anti-Spam Tools, a veritable fortress of all 7 spam eradicating add-ons.

This package offers a 40% discount compared to buying each add-on component individually.


TAC Total Anti-Spam Collection includes the following Add-ons:

  • Any Spam Api: Enlist external forces by adding any anti-spam API you like (also available as a free standalone add-on).

  • Fool Bot Honey Pot: Lure the bots into multiple complicated registration traps, where they will languish for eternity.

  • Stop Human Spam: Slam the gates on human spammers, by setting conditions on signatures, links, and post creation.

  • Stop Country Spam: Dig a moat against the spamming hordes, by black or white listing country IP addresses from registering.

  • Custom Image Captcha: Powerfully but simply screen out bots, by customizing your own images for CAPTCHA.

  • Auth Captcha: And in case they try to sneak in through the back, add CAPTCHA to external authorized (e.g. Facebook/Google) registrations.

  • Bot Arrestor: Set tar pits for bots, heavily reducing the effectiveness of Scrapers / Spam Bots / Simple denial-of-service attacks, and minimizing their impact on your server, without affecting spiders/crawlers.

Alone, each of these has only so much power. But together, they unite into bots’ worst nightmare, operating in concert, and aiding each other in their quest to eliminate spam from the XenForo universe.



  • The recommended installation method is to use the bulk installer provided in the package zip file.
  • Extract the contents of the package zip file into your XenForo directory.
  • Run the command `php tac_install.php` in that directory.
  • Alternatively, you can install each component manually as per their instructions.


  • While your license is current, you will be able to download any updates of the component add-ons, and upgrade as per their instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can run the bulk installer again. Existing installed add-ons will be upgraded to the new versions.

Product Information

Product TypeSoftware
License https://yugensoft.com/product-license/
Renewal price $16.00
Updates duration 12 months