Time Spent Online (XF2)


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Product Description


Record members' total time spent online, and add it to their member profiles. 


  • Profile. Show member's total time online on their account profile.
  • Permissions. ​​​​
    • Set who can view it.
  • User option. Members can select if they want it shown (same way as for "last active").
  • Promotions. Can be used as a promotion criteria.
  • Trophies. Can be used to award trophies.
  • Members list. Show a list of notable members based on time spent online rankings.

How it works

Whenever a member browses or performs actions on your forum, their 'last active time' is recorded. When they perform another action or view another page, the time elapsed between the two actions or views is noted. If it is less than the XenForo session timeout period, the elapsed time is added to their total time spent online.


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Product Information

Product TypeSoftware
License https://yugensoft.com/product-license/
Renewal price $5
Updates duration 12 months