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Meet the new logic board game Quoridor!

Oh, that's a puzzle, you have to think! Elena said. Peter smirked– Maybe it's a puzzle for you, but for me it's like chess or checkers, only advanced. You're ;) wall on it. - Elena almost fell from her chair from indignation! - Is that what, I now have to go around this wall? 

Oh you.... Well, hold on, now I'm going to show you how to strain your convolutions and blow your brain :)! - Elena thought about it, excitement appeared in her eyes! - I'll build you a maze so you don't look down on me! You will forever wander around this playing field, you will not see my side ;)!

That's how fun and cheerful you can spend time with friends playing Quoridor!

Neuropsychologists recommend Quoridor to children and adults. The game perfectly trains spatial thinking and teaches you to calculate your actions.

Do you have logical thinking and love games? So often played chess and checkers that they are already bored? Do you want to surprise a group of friends with a new and original game, where the rules are explained in just a minute? Then you're in the right place! The new logic game Quoridor allows you to show your strategic thinking and surprise your friends with unexpected solutions! Choose your strategy: actively move forward or set obstacles to the enemy, build corridors, just do not fall into the enemy's trap.

Now, in order to play the game Quoridor, you no longer need to go to the store and buy a board, take it with you on trips or to visit, it is enough to download our mobile application to your device so that the logic game Quoridor is always at hand. Hone your skills in the game with the computer, play with a friend or with a colleague on your device.

Now in order to play the logic game Quoridor you do not even need to be near! Play online in PVP with your friend or with random opponents from all over the world, because the logic game Quoridor is already installed by many users from different countries!

Pros of the daily game in Quoridor:

- develops ingenuity

- Logic and deduction are well developed

- IQ tests are easier to solve

- Good brain training

- Easier to conduct any brainstorming session

- with this puzzle rest the brain and soul

- Easier to play any intellectual games

The goal of the game: to reach the opposite side of the field first. In his turn, the player can either move the piece, or put an obstacle in the way of the opponent. 

An obstacle is a small wall, the size of two cells, which can slightly lengthen the path of the enemy. When you put a wall in front of an opponent, you yourself are forced to stay in place. As a result, you can, waiting for the right moment, so block the path of another player that you force him to return back to bypass the obstacle. 

But he, in turn, can do the same to you :).

As a result, the playing field turns into a labyrinth of long and winding corridors...

✔ New and original exciting game

✔ Logic game – develop your thinking!

✔ Allows you to pass the time in the subway or in line

✔ Develops intelligence and logical thinking

✔ Beautiful graphics and relaxing music

✔ Full immersion in the world of the game

✔ Company game – play with friends

✔ Family Play is a great game for a family evening

✔ Offline game – you can play even without an Internet connection

✔ Free Game – Play the popular logic game for free

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